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Why We Walk

Raising funds

for life saving research

Walk With Women is an annual not-for-profit charity event dedicated to raising awareness and funding in support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) – the leading non-profit organisation funding ovarian cancer research in Australia, as it strives to find a reliable early detection test. 

Having an early detection test is vital because:

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are so vague

Symptoms usually are not felt until the cancer is in the later stages and may have spread

For many women, the only signs are cramps, bloating, feeling full or needing to urinate more often - all symptoms which mimic common female complaints

As a consequence, 70% of women are not diagnosed until they are in the advanced stages of the disease, and only 29% survive beyond five years

It is also a core focus of the OCRF to ensure more effective, targeted treatments are developed for ovarian cancer. Treatments have hardly changed in 30 years and the standard chemotherapy often has a significant impact on the quality of life of ovarian cancer patients.

The funds raised through the Walk With Women event will help fund research to find treatments that offer better quality of life, as well as extending life, for women living with ovarian cancer.

Raising awareness

It was also incredibly important to Helen Powell – the founder of the walk, that the walk helped raise awareness. This is why Walk With Women is now held during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, in February. 

Helen wanted women to be aware that ovarian cancer can affect women and girls of all ages and to be vigilant about their health. She wanted women to feel confident about asking their medical professional about what they were feel, and not stopping until they got an answer they were satisfied with. Helen also wanted women to be aware that without an early detection test, similar to a Pap Test, survival rates would not change dramatically.