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Event Information

Mornington Peninsula Walk 

Sunday 12th February, 2023

Event day participant handbook

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30km walk

Meeting point:
South of Safety Beach Sailing Club, Safety Beach, VIC

Parking: on street – non allocated for event

Meet time:
7:00am for 7:30am start time

5km walk

Meeting point:
Sorrento foreshore, near the Sorrento bandstand

Parking: on street – non allocated for event

Meet time: 10:30am for 11:00am start time 

Finish Line Cut Off:

Buses will be available to take participants in the 30km walk back to Safety Beach Sailing Club start line after completing their walk. Final buses will depart just after 2pm.

Public toilets and refreshment stations will be available throughout the walks, as well as a ColMed Medics presence.  

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For any further questions, please read our FAQs.

Virtual Walk

Throughout the whole month of February – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Walk anywhere, anytime, any length!

Step 1:

Register online online –
You can choose to walk individually, or choose to walk as a team!

Step 2:

Choose your walking distance goal 

Step 3:

Connect your Strava account for when you want to start recording distance(s) and walk anytime during February. 

It is recommended, that you map out a safe walking route and always be well-equipped e.g. drink bottle, correct walking shoes, sun protection etc. 

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For any further questions, please read our FAQs: 


Is this event associated with a registered charity? 

Yes. The Walk With Women is an official event of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), a
registered Australian non-profit. The OCRF is the leading non-government funder of ovarian cancer
research in Australia. All donations $2 and above are tax-deductible.

Where does the money raised go?

The funds raised from the Walk With Women event will support innovative ovarian cancer research through the OCRF grants scheme.
Researchers from institutes around Australia apply for funding from the OCRF annually, with an expert Scientific Advisory Committee and Consumer Representative Panel assessing the grant applications before awarding funding.
The OCRF funds research across all areas of the disease: treatment, management of recurrence, early detection and prevention. We also fund tissue banks which provide samples for scientists to use in their research.

Head to www.ocrf.com.au to learn more.

How common is ovarian cancer? 

In Australia, one woman or girl is diagnosed with ovarian cancer every 8 hours. That’s around 1,800 people being diagnosed per year in Australia alone. Ovarian cancer can affect people at any age and there are over 20 different sub-types of the disease.

The average Australian woman has a 1 in 84 chance (1.2%) of developing ovarian cancer by the age of 85. It is the 6th leading cause of female deaths from cancer in Australia. 

Learn more about ovarian cancer here: https://www.ocrf.com.au/page/74/facts-about-ovarian-cancer

How many tickets can I purchase at once? 

You can purchase multiple tickets at once. Please complete one registration per person joining either the physical or the virtual event (unless under 12 years of age) – this is to ensure fundraising pages can be created for every participant and we are able to accurately predict participant numbers across the events. 

Please note Discounted Family Tickets include 2 x adults and 2 x Children Under 18.

Where can I buy merchandise? 

Check out our online store to purchase Walk With Women merchandise. The funds raised from your merchandise purchases will also be added to the fundraising tally for the event. Every dollar counts!

How much does it cost to register and what’s included? 

Mornington Peninsula Walk

Registration for the Mornington Peninsula physical walk event is $50 per person adults, $20 for Under 18s and children under 12 can enter for FREE. 

Adult tickets include a free Walk With Women drink bottle*, and all tickets include race bib*, refreshments along the walking trail and access to the finish line village.

*Race bibs and drink bottles will be available for pick up on event day, they will not be posted in advance.

Virtual Walk

Registration for the virtual Walk With Women is $15 per person for all ages.
Optional merchandise can be purchased during registration, virtual entry does not include merchandise in the fee.

Please note your registration fees are not tax-deductible.

Who can register for Walk With Women? 

Anyone can register to join the Walk With Women in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. We welcome people of all ages and abilities to get involved in either the virtual or physical event according to their
preference and needs. Please see the Mornington Peninsula Walk With Women section of the FAQs to determine suitability for the physical event trail.

How do I fundraise? Do I have to?

The Walk With Women aims to raise funds to support vital ovarian cancer research, through the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). The OCRF is the primary non-government funder of ovarian cancer research in Australia and therefore is relied on by leading scientists around the
country. When you register, you will automatically have a fundraising page created for you and we encourage you to do whatever you can to help raise funds in support of this innovative research. Every dollar counts.

What's the difference between the physical walk and the virtual walk? 

The physical walk will take place along the Mornington Peninsula, between Safety Beach and Sorrento, with the choice between a 30km walk and a 5km walk. The virtual walk can be completed from anywhere in Australia. Simply register to participate, set your own challenge according to your preference and ability and complete the challenge within the month of February 2022, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

If I'm participating virtually, when do I complete my challenge and what distance do I

You can choose your own distance challenge and the time frame to complete it according to your own availability. As long as you complete the challenge in February, the rest is up to you!

Strava integration
Can I track my walk if I don't have Strava? 

If you would like kilometres from your walk/s to be shown on your fundraising page, you will need to log them via a Strava account which will sync with your fundraising page. Unfortunately there is currently no option to manually add your kilometres to your fundraising page without a Strava connection – this is something we are working on for future events.

How do I connect my Strava account to my fundraising page? 

Once you have registered for either the Mornington Peninsula physical walk event or the virtual walk,
you can connect your Strava account to your fundraising page through your account dashboard.
Simple click on your ‘account’ tab when logged in via the Walk With Women site and proceed to your
dashboard to connect your account.

Why aren’t my kilometres tracking to my account? 

By default, any walk or run that you log on your connected Strava account will be added to your distance tracker on your fundraising page.

Any walks you log in your Strava account prior to February 1st or after February 28th will not be synced to your fundraising page.

Mornington Peninsula Walk With Women
Where is the start line? 

The 30km walk start line will be at the Safety Beach Sailing Club.

185 Marine Dr, Safety Beach VIC 3936

The 5km walk start line will be along the Sorrento Foreshore, near the Sorrento War Memorial.

Is the Mornington Peninsula walk disability friendly and accessible? 

The route for the Mornington Peninsula Walk is made up of mixed trails and is mostly unpaved. If you are unable to safely travel along mixed surfaces, we recommend registering for the virtual walk and completing your own challenge distance in an environment that is safe and suitable for your needs. If you are local to the area, we would also love to have you join us at the finish line in Sorrento if you’re able to make it. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, or have a low vision, we recommend you join the event with a trusted friend or guide who can complete the walk alongside you.

Please get in touch if you need any more information.

Are there refreshment stations provided along the route? 

There will be water available at both start lines and at select points along the full route. However, we highly recommend bringing your own water bottle or purchasing a Walk With Women water bottle through our online store so you can carry water with you while you’re walking. Feel free to also bring snacks to eat along the way, ensuring you dispose of any rubbish appropriately and with respect for the local council.

What is the latest time I can finish the Mornington Peninsula walk? 

The 30km walk starts at 7:30am and the cut-off time for finishing is at 2pm. This timing includes ample time for refreshment and/or lunch stops along the route, which is estimated to take just under 5 hours if tracking in line with Google Maps walking speed. The 5km walk begins at 11:00am and will be subject to the same cut-off finishing time of 2pm sharp.

Are there toilets and bathroom facilities along the route? 

There are several public toilets along the route between Safety Beach and Sorrento, please stop as required along your walk.

Is there parking near the start line? 

If arriving by car, most parking will be limited to on-street parking in surrounding areas for both the 30km and 5km start line locations. Please plan your journey accordingly to allow for ample time to find a park and walk down to the start line.

How do I get back to my car at the end of the walk? 

Buses will be available to take participants from Sorrento back to the 30km start line at Safety Beach from around 12pm, with the final bus leaving around 2pm.

Is there anything happening at the finish line?

There will be an official finish line village set up in Sorrento to congratulate participants as they finish the event. We encourage you to take your photo at the finish line and share on social media with the hashtag #WalkWithWomen and enjoy some wind-down time and refreshments before heading home.

Is there first aid available on the day? 

ColMed Medics will be available on event day in case of any accident, illness or injury.

Can I purchase merchandise on the day? 

A selection of Walk With Women t-shirts and drink bottles will be available to purchase at the 30km and 5km start lines pending stock availability. We recommend purchasing your merchandise in advance to avoid missing out as stock is limited.

What should I wear on the walk? 

Please wear appropriate footwear for the event, especially if you are completing the 30km walk. It is also recommended that you utilise sun protection on the day and dress for the weather. Sunscreen will be available at refreshment stations to reapply along the walk route.

Can I dress up?

Feel free to dress up in fun costumes or outfits, providing they are comfortable and appropriate for the weather and the distance you are walking. Given the history of the walk (previously known as the Wonder Woman Walk), we are happy for themed costumes to be worn by participants. 

*The Walk With Women is not affiliated with the Wonder Woman brand or Warner Brothers.

How challenging is the walk? 

The 30km walk is on mixed surfaces but does not include any significant hill climbing or dangerous terrain. However, we do strongly recommend that you complete at least one 20-30km practice walk, especially if you have never walked this distance before. It is important you ensure you feel physically fit enough to complete the walk on event day. 

Keep in mind that February is often a warm time of year and hydration is very important in the lead up to, as well as on, event day.

What happens if there's bad weather on event day? 

In the case of predicted extreme weather such as a heatwave, dangerous wind conditions or thunderstorm, participants will be contacted regarding any safety concerns or possible postponement or cancellation of the event. We will monitor weather forecasts in the week leading up to event day and communicate any changes or considerations as required. The event will not be cancelled in the event of minor rain, cold or wind.

Can I run instead of walking? 

The Mornington Peninsula Walk With Women event is a walking event and as such we request you do not register to run in the physical event from Safety Beach to Sorrento.
If you would like to register for Walk With Women and run as part of your challenge, please register for the virtual Walk With Women and complete your run in a safe area wherever you live around Australia.